Sunday, February 04, 2007

Winter Haiku

Gray skies of winter
seem to go on forever
colour of my soul


TenaciousK said...

Even frozen men,
Feeling spring’s gentle caress,
sprout shoots, as they thaw.

[Hi, SoGal]

Southern Gal said...

Hello tenaciousk,

Indeed they do.

Catnapping said...

don't give up hope --

tiptoes on treetops
lifting her skirt for a peek
spring comes to play

Southern Gal said...

And it will not be soon enough for me, Cat.

august said...

SoGal, Cat, others

This may interest you.

It includes some of Rabbit's computer-generated haiku, good stuff from mellech, islandtime, and Avenging Angel, and of course, the rarely-seen but always coveted Very Special Chewbacca Haiku