Monday, February 26, 2007

Off Topic

McDonald's salad bags, Sullivan's Rudy swoon, Clinton-Obama etc.

  • I got a salad from McDonald's for lunch today, and I noticed that the salad goes in a different bag than the food they don't pretend is healthy (my "salad" ws loaded with fried chicken and bacon).

    Yeah, the salad wouldn't fit in a regular bag, but I don't think that's the reason.

    I think what McDonals's is selling is an image of health-conscousness, which is contrary to the image of the rest of its menu. Walking across the parking lot with the "salad bag" in tow, you're telling the world, "Yeah, I got my lunch at McDonald's, but I didn't get the real greasy crap -- I got a salad!) Kind of a "get out of stigma" card.

  • To me, Ridy Giuliani is George W. Bush without the social conservatism and with a little more competence.

    From a foreign policy perspective, it's hard to see what he would had done differently than Bush. He's got the same rhetoric. I'm quite sure he would have ordered the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm quite sure he would have had the same dismissive attitude toward critics, and I see no reason we wouldn't have the moral repugnancy of torture.

    Which makes Andrew Sullivan's swooning over him somewhat perplexing. I guess from Sullivan's point-of-view, if the GOP nominated a pro-choice pro-same-sex-marriage candidate, it would be the death blow for social conservative influence in the party.

    But in bad news for Andrew, I'm not convinced that would be the worst thing for social conservative.

  • Man, I really don't want to spend the next four lives arguing again whether Bill Clinton's sex life is in bounds for discussion. Anyone but Hillary, please.


august said...

I hate Giuliani. Good mayors do not good presidents make. He'd just alienate everybody who'd hoped for some new foreign policy vision, and I don't think he understands economics.

For years he claimed the first thing, the very first thing he thought when the towers were hit was "Thank God Bush is our president."

catnapping said...

Odd that you should still worry about Clinton's sex life...wasn't Giuliani the jerk who moved his girlfriend into the City Mansion while he was still married to his wife??

JohnMcG said...

I'm not worried about Clinton's sex life -- I just don't want to spend the next six years talking about it.

Yes, I know, it's those conservative scolds who keep bringing it up.

I guess I don't see Senator Clinton as such a singular talent that she's worth all the baggage.

catnapping said...

I'm not voting for Clinton unless the alternative's a republican. She's as disgusting as Lieberman. They're both POS in my book. God knows, they might as well join the GOP.

But to not vote for her cuz the rove-controlled, corporate media (the same media that will carefully ignore Giuliani's) will harp on her husband's peccadilloes? ... please.

rundeep said...

Giuliani is out of his mind. I've met the guy, and though he has that politican's ability to make you think he's actually focusing on what you say, his eyes look like there's some crazy Wizard behind them with levers. I swear I saw one.

He is one of those people, however, who work very well under pressure. He'd be a first-rate Director of Homeland Security, as long as he had some oversight.

twiffer said...

discussing any politician's sex life is, well, unsettling. to say the least.

kinda feels like discussing your grandparent's sex life.

fembot said...

prunes, t.e.d. hose, and bedside'll be weeks before i can get that outta my mind.