Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Four 3 Pointers

My 16 year old son Michael sprints down the court like a gazelle. He's fluid tonight, loose and aggressive, he's on his game. The ball gets passed to him from a teammate on the left, Michael dribbles from midcourt looking for an opening, sees none, whips the ball to his right. Immediately it gets returned to him, he shoots and sinks a perfect 3 pointer.

Here comes Johnny singing oldies, goldies
Be-bop-a-lua baby what I say

There's a scramble for the rebound, the other team fumbles and lets it slip out of their hands, someone passes it back to Michael who is still hovering midcourt. He shoots again with flawless precision as if he's playing all alone, and indeed he is because no one is guarding him at that moment. Whoosh, 3 more points.

Here comes Johnny with the Power and the Glory
down in the tunnels tryin to make it pay

The opposition is good. Really good. It's been a two to three point game all the way through. The pressure is on but bolstered by his two critical shots, Michael is pumped and clearly having fun. He passes the ball to #3, his brother Patrick. I love it whenever I see this, see them working together as a team, on a team. Sibling rivalry runs high, even higher when you share the same birthday. Patrick has already scored a few baskets in this game and he wants to shoot now, wants to outshine Michael, but tonight just seems to be Michael's night.

Patrick almost loses the ball in an attempted steal, but retrieves it. That momentary lapse is unsettling but puts him back into the right frame of mind. He gets the ball back into his brother's hands and blocks the offense while Michael shoots, again from midcourt. Again, nothing but net.

He got the Action, he got the Motion
Yeah, the Boy can Play

It's Michael Jordan time, with 23 seconds left in the game. We're down by two, 57-59. Determination and sweat are clearly visible all over the court now, and the aggressiveness kicks up about 3 notches. Patrick is on the bench, but Michael is still out there, and he knows what he has to do. The opposition is all over him, they won't get fooled again.

Some nights are just inexplicably magical and there's magic in Michael tonight. With two seconds left in the game, Michael shoots his fourth and final 3 pointer, sinking it just as the buzzer sounds.

Game over, 60-59. One to remember.

Dedication, Devotion
Turning all the Nighttime into the Day

...And He does the Walk
He does the Walk of Life

*Special Thanks to Dire Straits* For Providing The


august said...

Your post reminded me of a party in which I and 20 drunken Germans fit inside a VW Gulf whilst blasting "The Man's Too Strong."

I was drunk, too. Good hoppy German dark beer. Great post.

Keifus said...

I've come to the firm conclusion that I don't have what it takes to be a sports parent. Sure it's great when they do something excellent, but the trucking around to the practices and the meets, the discipline, the booster culture. Ick. Maybe it's different in high school. I hate it now.

But yours was a great post topazz. Great moment.


Keifus said...
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topazz said...

God, I hate when someone posts a comment and then deletes it on one of my threads here. I'm left dying of curiousity.

What did you say (or what did I say) that was so awful?

Keifus said...

I guess someone's not in on the plans for world domination. Sorry topazz.