Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Recommended... Widget

I put together a new "Recommended...." widget which you can see over there.

Currently, it is an aggregation of the feeds of our existing Ma.gnolia recommendations and my Google Reader shared items.

If you would like your recommendations to show up over there, you can...

  • Continue to use the ma.gnolia tags method, since the feed for that will continue to work, or.
  • Post the URL for the Atom or RSS feed of your recommendations here. I know that Google Reader and Bloglines both support clips and blogs. Drop me a note if you need help.

Hope you enjoy, and let me know if you have questions...


Dawn Coyote said...

Nice, John. Thanks for finding options. The text under each link takes up a lot of space, pushing the other feed way down the page. Is it possible to shorten it up?

WikiFray said...

I cut it down from 300 characters to 160.

I don't know how the rest of you read the web, but if you use Google Reader, all it takes is one click to put something over on the Recommended... tab.

John (don't feel like logging out and in)

Dawn Coyote said...

Are the summaries necessary at all, when we can roll over the link and get the page AND a summary popping out?

Don't wanna be picky, but I'm a neat-and-tight minimalist, design-wise.

catnapping said...

so....if i set up a bundle on feedbite.com, i can make recommendations for that far right column? or is that just for the administrators? i'm clueless. i've joined, and just two minutes ago figured out what the filter does. . .

JohnMcG said...

Anyone can do the ma.gnolia thing, just add the bookmark "wikifray" to it, and it'll show up over there.

If you want your "shared" items to show up there, respond to this post with the URL for your shared items feed, or drop me or the wikifray account an e-mail, and we'll add it on.

It sounds a bit complicated, but once it gets rolling, it's pretty simple.


I'll see how just the summaries look. If I do that, I'll probably also increase the number of items.

TenaciousK said...

Cat - point of clarification. Not feedbite (as an aside, it's still screwed up these days, for comment feeds anyway, at least for me).

Go to Ma.gnolia.

Set up an account there, and then it's just like John said - if you find something you like, you bookmark it and tag it "Wikifray".

John, now I'm confused. You're referencing a "shared items feed" - this coming from ma.gnolia? You've lost me.

JohnMcG said...


Google Reader and Bloglines and I suspect other RSS feeders have a feature whereby you can "share" an item on the feed. This throws links to those items into a blog. That blog also has a feed.

What I did was add the feed of my "shared items" from Google Reader to the feedbite group. Now, if I see something I want to put into the "recommended" area, I just click on the "Share" link, and after a few minutes it pops over there.

TenaciousK said...

Ah, I see. Thanks, John.

Has anyone figured out the problem with the rss comment feed off of this blog?

catnapping said...

thank you, gentlemen. i'll go back and try and figure it out, then.