Thursday, February 01, 2007

Off Topic -- Extending the streak to three

Transparent self-promotion, pedantic criticisms, and shallow football thoughts...

  • I've got a post on my old blog on a favorite topic of mine -- how counter-productive it is for Catholic pro-lifers to focus their energy on bitching whenever a pro-choice Catholic receives some sort of honor.

  • Bad page break theater Volume 2 -- can't somebody sanity-check these things? From Michael Lewis's latest, it's apparently not a hard and fast word count or column length thing. Don't know why I find this interesting, but I do...

  • I'll stick by my prediction for the Colts this weekend.

I didn't say it was an interesting post.


Thy Goddess said...

Transparent self-promotion:

I am now Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey's best friend.

Pedantic criticisms:

Geoff: You are an asshole. First, you delete Ender's post for promoting his blog. Then, you march right over to his blog to promote your crappy website. And then, you ban people for personal reasons. You suck.

Schad: Drama queen.

Shallow football thoughts:

Eh, Manning needs a ring...give him one already, fucking Dolts!

catnapping said...

It's pretty strange that Geoff would choose to delete a post promoting a blog.

This woman's entire reason for posting on the fray is to promote her blogs. Each and every one of her posts includes a link.

TenaciousK said...

Welcome to the Wikifray community - I'm so glad you decided to join us.

TG: Well, we all know JackieMPP has high standards. Why would a person of her caliber ever settle for less?

Rings: Lotsa' people deserved rings who never got 'em.

JohnMcG said...

Of course, anyone who follows the link over the my blog can quiickly conclude that I'm poorly positioned to criticize others for poor web site layout.

I think the e-mail address in the title being on 2 differnt lines is especially slick...

Heliogabalus said...

So SChad is also the victim of our Friend the Grand Fray inquisitor,(that makes 3 of us, Schad mon cher compagnon d'infortune),i guess this is the natural course of event, when you are in Law School, discover God & start reading Hegel's Phenomenology of spirit, section Lordship & Bondage.....But i am not blaming you Geoff, because us Atheist & non-theist know for long, that people of faith do not live what they preach....

"Et Lingua Eius Loquetur Idicium"

august said...
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august said...

When is the superbowl? March?

A modest proposal: every year there will be three NFL seasons. Each season will last a year and a half. Each team has to play every day of the week. As champions of seasons (superbowl winners)play each other, we can have suprabowls, and every year the suprabowl champions can play each other in a super-duper bowl. Then there can be a wildcard team, based on a reality TV show in which each contestant has to design a better jock strap and callers phone in to decide
a. which style they prefer and
b. what position each designer/athelete should play. The runner of American Idol automatically gets to be coach.

After ten seasons of this system (and the resulting brain damage) players will then be allowed to post on the fray about global warming.

Thy Goddess said...

Kitty: Consistency has never been his strong suit.

TK: a) JMPP doesn't appreciate the sarcastic tone of your comment.
b) What is your point? Those people didn't get the ring so the trend should continue?

John: "Under Construction". Heh.

Helio: Thanks.