Saturday, February 24, 2007

Reason for feed glitch

The reason the feed has been picking up old posts from my blog is that I have been going back and labeling all my posts, which requires me to republish them. I didn't anticipate the problem this would create with the feed, so please accept my apologies.


topazz said...

whats to apologize for? I for one have a new insight on how utterly fascinating you really are.

All for the good.

Claude Scales said...

Thanks! Nevertheless, I fear that just acknowledging your compliment is sufficient evidence of hubris to provoke the wrath of Thy Goddess.

elkxm: Elk, formerly Moose.

Catnapping said...

uh oh. i just resaved my last entry about 5 times, tweaking its margins and padding. does this mean it's gonna show up on the right column 5 times?

topazz said...

don't you worry about Thy Goddess, Claude. I can wrassle her to the ground with one hand tied behind my back.

And curtsey afterwards in divine respect, of course.

TenaciousK said...

CN: the rss only updates in little bursts (pings), so if you republished the same articlea a number of times in quick succession, it'd probably only pick the last one up.

Claude: I imagine things like that will happen.

Topazz: you're angling for some kind of divine ass-kicking, aren't you?

Claude Scales said...

TK: What sort of things do you imagine happening - feed glitches or my being an object of divine wrath?

ykold: Yikes! I'm old

TenaciousK said...

Uhm, both, now that you mention it.

BTW - if you're logged into blogger, you don't have to go through word validation (because you're a contributor).

You wouldn't get to keep playing, though, which is fun in its own right.

twiffer said...

i always knew you were evil, claude.

Claude Scales said...

Twiff - that makes two of us.

TK - I usually post comments here while logged into my blog, which is why I have to go through verification. But, as you point out, it's fun.

xjunex - ten ex-wives, all with the same first name.