Friday, February 16, 2007

Fray Update

The latest headlines from The Fray, lovingly crafted from some odd, smelling, goopy substance I found on my boot heel three days ago.

Best Of The Fray's name becomes ironic for the 4th time in so many months. 12 people were unimpressed, 3 others felt cramps but otherwise claimed no ill effects.

Recent bouts of violent boredom have once again stirred up the familiar meme, "Hey, whatever happened to Blorple Falls?"

Conspiracy theories abound regarding John Murtha's recent remarks, with a disturbing out-of-context quote being found only on the Fox News website. In related events, ray-domes fall back into fashion, becoming this year's neoconservative hot gift item
Elbo Ruum, having spent a recent sabbatical from the Fray to engage in "talking to, like, real fucking people" came back to find the house a mess and overrun with lame conversationalists and whiners eating his Cheez Doodles. He was observed commenting, "Good thing they didn't have the brains to hide the broom and the Windex."


Thy Goddess said...

", real fucking people" are "stupider".

Come worship me. I'll be gentle.

catnapping said...

I think it's good that people fuck.

Elbo Ruum said...

Cat: I don't see why. It just results in more of them.

Keifus said...
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Keifus said...

Hey, stop bogarting those cheez doodles.

K (it's spelled "cheez" everybody)

TenaciousK said...

I'm with c'napping.

I'm sure the countless hours in front of computer monitors has rendered them mostly sterile anyway (and clearly had some impact on cognitive function).

I'm convinced it hasn't done me any good.

Keifus said...

A cursory question, not worth a top post:

I'm fairly busy today, and catching posts in bits and pieces, and doing a lot of skimming. Naturally, I have little time to formulate a substantive reply, but I'm in such a mood where I feel like replying anyway. My question:

Is it better for my reputation (socially or intellectually) to reply frequently but cursorily, heavy with misspellings and probably missed meanings too. Or is it best to reply occasionally and at interesting length.

My thought: even cursory replies show attention, and are valued, but I should avoid looking too stupid. I fear I've been toeing that line today.

I still hold "top posts" to a higher standard. Except now, of course.

K (...and except here lately. Sorry.)

TenaciousK said...

Cursory = stupid?

K, the more I've gotten to know you, the more I like you, so I say comment away. Your reputation will withstand a little stupidity (and if there are a few exceptions, you were bound to fall off their pedestal eventually).

I think the less you worry about your reputation, the better off you are (focusing on intrinsics, rather than extrinsics). So, do what feels natural.

Of course my reputation has been tarnished beyond all recognition, so you should take what I say with a grain or two...