Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Echo Maker Hookup Odds

The chances as of p. 151 that any two characters will sleep together in the following pages...

Karin, Robert Karsh 90%
Dr Hayes, Bonnie 70%
Mark, Barbara 60%
Karin, Barbara 40%
Weber, Barbara 30%
Weber and any other female character except wife 25%
(on a personal note: please let there be no more discussion of his great sex life with his wife) (and also,
Mark, Karin 30%
Blackie, now that's just sick 10%

Favorite line thus far "Can I just circle the whole thing and call it 'obnoxious'?" I also thought "A big, big speaker of tongues" was funny. I've got the bug now -- I'm carting the thing around to read in spare moments, staying up later than I should. Good times.


bEnder said...

Regarding labels for this and future book clubs: I think you should add Echo Maker, even if only as a temporary label in addition to Book Club (the long term label), since it has the potential to draw interested visitors from technorati.

august said...

bEnder -- thanks. Not sure this post is the sort of thing folks are looking for when they do technorati searches for Echo Maker, but I see the point.

New slogan: "august -- toilet humor for the literati set."