Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Younger Son Achieves Level 18!

He finally ground his way to enough experience points to hit the Child level cap. He hasn't chosen a new class to continue on with yet.

-- He submitted to the GM for his ID upgrade that gives him the Buy pr0n and Cigarettes Legally upgrades. His Registered Voter and Registered for Selective Service titles came along in that as a package deal.

-- He had to sign on for the Lease Agreement for my guild today. Talk about feeling terrified. I swear that stupid thing gets longer every year, and now with three of us signing it plus the landlord it's starting to look like a SALT treaty. I kept expecting Kissinger to show up.

-- He is in the last part of the Epic High School Graduation quest. We do have the full "Random Expensive Stupid Crap with 07 All Over" equipment set but we don't expect the final raid on Qwest Field for the big item drop that includes the Ugly Acetate Armor until the end of June.

-- He does not have a mount yet, due to a ruling by a GM due to some Leroy Jenkins-grade asshattery at level 14. He starts that quest whenever he can afford to pay for it because I'm not even going anywhere near that one.

-- And on an ironic note, I just got word a few minutes ago that his older brother will be sworn into the Army tomorrow afternoon.

Happy Birthday, Stephen. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. And yes, that is a long list.


Dawn Coyote said...

I'd like to congratulate Stephen's mom. I remember when you were awfully worried about him. Two up, two to go, huh?

I thought it too bad you never posted that one about working over the holidays. The line about feeling like someone from "Left Behind" was memorable.

MsZilla said...

Thank you very much. We'll see how this goes. I'm still worried, but it's more helpless than before. Now I really can't play littlest Fairy anymore.

As far as that post, Blogger wouldn't let me publish it for some reason. I was bummed. Then it seemed like it was too late once it did. So I just put it over on MsZilla so the dates worked.

Keifus said...

Hey MsZ, you'll forgive me for not responding sooner, but it's hard to read without cringing at how short nine years really is.

But I must say, it sounds like you've done a great job so far.

(The Army? Oh man, you must be going nuts.)