Sunday, January 21, 2007

Curmudgeonly Desires

Ok, here it is. I want to get kicked off Slashdot. I want to know how to do it. I thought being a Windows guy would be enough, however, it seems that the LinApploids are more clueless than I thought. Anybody having any real ideas on this should speak up now.


MsZilla said...

Post links to Fark-mashups of Rick James and Pamela Anderson? Not a joke, unfortunately. That's how someone I know did it. And my eyeballs still sting from the Lysol I had dip them in before they felt clean again.

Beyond that, I can't help you. They wouldn't kick you out just for that. They need opponents to support their whole beleagered and beknighted view that they are the oppressed underdogs and most of their real "oppressors" wrote them off quite a while ago.

Though if you posted a polemic supporting the new Vista licensing agreement that might go a long ways.... Hmmm.....

Elbo Ruum said...

I cannot, in any sort of good conscience, post a polemic supporting the new Vista licensing agreement. It is truly the devil, and I don't think I could be convincing enough, even knowing the veteran masterhand bullshitter that I am.

I'm afraid I might have an impromptu emetic discharge should I attempt anything that impossible.

Incidentally, do you know how tough it is to get gastric juice and pieces of spinach ravioli out from under your space bar?