Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Waste of Time

Ghengis Khan -- a scorching critique.

For Gregor Samsa

1. When we were burning the skulls of the Jurchen, failed to provide marshmallows.

2. Rides horse like a girly Tangut.

3. Stinky yurt.

4. Fucked my sheep.

5. Ate all the Golden Peaches of Samarkand himself. Did not ask. Did not leave note. We were planning to make cobbler.

6. Poor disembowler.

7. In Crimea, spared many lives. Wuss.


Schadenfreude said...


I heart Genghis Khan.

topazz said...

Ghengis Khan Ghengis Khan, Let Me Love You Ghengis Khan.

(Funny, I'm starting to like hearing the neighbors calling for "Gunga Din" out back now. Thanks guys.)

the Reverend Bacon said...
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twiffer said...

august: i particularly like number 5. he was a bastard like that.

schad: heart is a noun, asshole.

Keifus said...

Yeah schad, next time use the correct verb, "wuv."

Although I'm still confused about what I'm supposed to be doing in New York.


Thy Goddess said...

I didn't think his yurt was all that stinky...comparatively speaking.

Gregor Samsa said...

August: you prosecutor types really crack me up with your wispy arguments and mousey maneuvers. Try stealing the thunder from qualified defense attorneys, Mr. Darden.

Bacon: I noticed, of course, that you were being a boisterous backbencher, lampooning the material, mimicking the lecturer, making the girls giggle and trying to be an all round nuisance. I thought it may be fun to crash this party and slap a bioethics term paper on the perpetrator. Hope you enjoyed the assignment. There will be a surprise midterm next week.