Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yes, I Have a Better Plan

by Ducadmo, reposted from Best of the Fray.

Mr. President, there appears to be a lot of scepticism concerning the efficacy of your proposed troop increase in Iraq and your response to the sceptics so far has simply been a challenge to propose a better plan (which may be appropriate at some level, but it's pretty adolecent when it's your only retort). I am one of those sceptics and I will accept that challenge by telling you exactly what is wrong with the plan, why it probably won't work and what you can do about it. But first, allow me to point out what is wrong with your plan.


That's all there is to it. Generally speaking, after six years of witnessing, forgiving, tolerating, and expending our patience - we have pretty much figured out that you are not the sharpest tool in the shed. Generally speaking, neither are the people who surround you with the possible exception of Mr. Rove who does seem to understand the American spirit of resolve, forebearance, and loyalty and has played many of us like a violin. For six years, that political strategy - our willingness to give you the benefit of the doubt particularly in times of war, has allowed you to take advantage of your position as Commander-In-Chief. But even you in your encapsulated environment should have become somewhat aware by the results of the recent election that we no longer put our faith in your leadership. To be blunt - we think you're a loser.

So while replacing Mr. Rumsfeld and a couple of generals may be a good start, it doesn't address the real problem - which is that we simply cannot trust you anymore. And if we don't trust you (and that should be pretty clear by now), then there aren't many in the rest of the world who will rise to your defense. You haven't made a lot of friends now, have you? Even your new Secretary of Defense has admitted as much, declaring that open scepticism of you actions only weakens your position, but that. my friend, is just what we asked these people to do. We wanted people in Congress to make sure you don't screw this up any worse than you have already. And you can do that - with the courage and humility that has been so woefully lacking all these years with my plan which is ...

Step down.

That's right. Quit. Turn the whole thing over to a new and fresh face. Someone who doesn't wear that 'kick me' sign on his behind. You see, many other democratic nations have this 'no-confidence' procedure which allows them to change horses in mid-stream, but we Americans don't resort to such techniques because it makes us look like we made a mistake in electing you in the first place - which is exactly what we did. I mean, you got into office by a dubious and contentious margin the first time and the second time you had this war thing and we are generally reticent to let one guy start a war and make some other guy finish it, but that's just what's going to happen anyway, so it really is time you move on. Get a real job. I would suggest you consider one that does not put so many lives at risk.

Of course, if you do then the process dictates that Mr. Cheney would take your place and that is the primary reason that we haven't already demanded your head on a platter yet. So for this plan to work, I think it would be best if Mr. Cheney quit first and you and some of your friends figured out who just might be up to the job. That will give the Republicans a chance, you know. If we are going to trust a Republican again in such dangerous times as these, we wouldn't mind the opportunity to kick the tires a little first.

And then I wouldn't have a problem with the troop increase. New troops, new leadership, and a new opportunity to finally 'get 'er done'. An opportunity for all of us here at home and many of our former and potential friends in the rest of the world to lay this thing to rest, bury the hatchet, let byegones be byegones. See? And you - and really only you - could make this happen. Admit that you are not up to the job at hand. In the long run, that would be the greatest service you could provide this country.

I know it's kind of scary, but if you think about it long and hard, Mr. President, it's not only a better plan - it may be the only plan that will work. Then, just maybe an increase in troops would be helpful not only to this nation, but to the people of Iraq - instead of just being helpful to your legacy.


Keifus said...

Now there's a dude I'd like to see on the outside. What do you think it'd take to drag him over?


Dawn Coyote said...

I should go leave a note for Duc that I've reposted him here. I can't imagine what would persuade him to join up over here.

Perhaps we ought to revisit one of Ender's earlier projects where he was re-posting BOTFs best stuff on the blog? I can't remember if there was an objection to that or not, but it seems to me that re-publishing fray posts here for wider exposure would benefit both forums in a number of ways.

Another (random) thought: I'd like to do an Ender interview at some point (and maybe encourage others to answer questions on his behalf, allowing him to preserve his enigmatic reputation).