Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Today's Peeves

(0. Page-pushing assholes who just have to draw attention to themselves by top-posting trivia.

...and yes, the other nine are just this brilliant. Cheers!)

1. Nothing can happen at my job without having a meeting about it. I made some progress in the lab this lunatic week. I inform collaborators and boss of success, get back to work. Boss convenes an hour meeting so I can inform them again.

2. 12 oz. sodas (that's pop for you midwestern folk) are a rarity these days. Instead, you have these 20+ monsters, in screw-top plastic. To consume them, you need to lug around your warm backwash all afternoon, constantly screwing and unscrewing, or else slug down the reflux-inducing obesity juice all at once and then spend the next hour belching it all back up. If you're resourceful, you can still get Coke and Pepsi in cans, hidden in the shadows of the cooler, but for those rare times I drink soda, I prefer Ginger Ale or Dr. Pepper. Nuh-uh, no such luck.

3. Walking 3 abreast on the indoor track at the gym. Folks, you're walking, meaning people who can and do move faster must stumble their way around you on every lap. I don't care which side you pick, but pick one please. (And a bonus: I'm running at all because of the immense people crowding up the pool lanes as they walk up and down waist-deep in teh water.)

4. Waking up late and having to commute in with the buffoonish "BBC America" instead of my usual "Morning Edition."

5. A general inability to say what I mean, at least when I mean to say what I mean. Know what I mean?

6. The DMV, which normally needs no elaboration, but I'm additionally annoyed that in Massachusetts they insist on calling it "the Registry" which is dumb. While I'm at it, forty bucks here, sixty bucks there is a good chink in the monthly budget. And needless to say, it's a peeve that the monthly budget doesn't really have a hudred dollar cushion. Looks like creative accounting again. 'Tis the season.

7. That solution is supposed to be clear by now. What the fuck?

8. Proposals. Normally I love science fiction, but...

9. 34


Dawn Coyote said...

re: #3 - try wearing a whistle, or simply learn to bark passing on the left in such a way as they will clearly understand it to mean get the fuck out of the way, pokey.

Keifus said...

It occurs to me for about the millionth time that I'd be better off if I was intentionally an asshole sometimes. It would avoid being an inadvertant one more often. You'd think by now, I'd have absorbed some of these life lessons.


twiffer said...

1. eh, that's everywhere. what i hate is that situation when you might miss your projected dates because of bugs. the closer you get to missing a date, the more meetings you get pulled into (to discuss status, or why you might miss the date) and thus the less time you have to actually work.

2. i'm not much of a soda drinker myself. so when i do have it, i drink boylans. not only does it have the flavors i prefer (birch beer, cream soda and black cherry), but it's just fucking tasty. even the cola, which i normally dislike. plus, it's all 11.9 oz bottles. costs a bit more, but if you don't drink much soda, go for the quality stuff.

9. really not that bad. but ask me again in, oh, 3 & a half years or so. [grin]