Monday, December 25, 2006

Order of Bah Humbug

Someone please tell Run that I've not been able to log into the Fray. No matter what I do. I'm so sorry. I guess I really have a reason to Bah Humbug!

I feel awful. I wish I hadn't brought it up at all now.

If you're wondering what particular marble of the many I've lost this last week or so I'm feeling around under the couch trying to find, see here.

I haven't been able to log into the Fray since I posted that. I've been at it off and on all day. I've tried all the tricks I know. I got another account and tried them with that one. I've got a program trying them repeatedly, even. Still no joy.

I'm starting to wonder at what point this will become risible. I mean, at what point do give in? Other people manage multiple nics and stuff all over, but I can't even get one to connect.

If I could post, it'd look something like this.

Bah Humbug! We finally got our servers fixed from the damage from the big power outage and we're back up at work. I had a grand total of a day and a half to get ready for Christmas once we got our power back, but it's come together far better than I had dared hope.

The Pagan Horde is all snug in their beds waiting semi-impatiently for 8 am to arrive for the last time, I imagine. This next year is going to be full of changes and I don't think it's going to be the same next year and from here on out.

I hope you all are having a safe and merry night. Here's to absent friends, both electronically absent and physically so. I've got an espresso and a batch of cookies cooling and I have to get back at it.

Happy Holidays from MsZilla and the Pagan Horde!


run75441 said...


I would rather hear of you being unable to post than of a mishap. Merry Christmas lady!


Anonymous said...

Frayster, i wanted to express & post on BOTF, my best wishes for the new coming year, but myself & Antithesis are being banned from the Fray, i guess 2007 is going to be a terrible year for Geoff....
All the best to you & yours.


MsZilla said...

I'm still at this.

It's not hardware. It doesn't matter which one of a dozen computers I use.

It's not the location or the connection. I've tried three different types of connection ranging from a full T1 down to dialup in two different locations. Just for kicks and giggles I also tried it on an AOL connection. I even went down to the local library and tried it from there. No joy.

I've got every sort of browser out there that would reasonably be expected for the Fray to work (I doubt seriously it works too well on Kongqueror, for example). IE 6 & 7, three versions of Firefox, Netscape from 8.1 on back to 4.78, Safari, Opera.

It's not the platform or the OS. Mac or Windows or Linux are all turned away.

Believe me my cache and etc is clear. On my main machine I use a testing harness that cleans up EVERYTHING and I don't use cache in the others by any means possible (the various means depends on the browser in question). I have to have that in order to test properly and it works for every other site I use.

And speaking of other sites, other Passport sites work perfectly fine. And being logged in on one of them and then trying here doesn't seem to help.

I'm coming in off browsers that are pointed to about:blank as their homepage so there's no overhead or other silliness from any other site.

I tried making a completely new account from the ground up. New Hotmail account and everything. No go.

I've tried to change the way I go into the Fray. I removed all bookmarks and go in from typing the address into the address bar. I try going straight to the BOTF via the Fray list. I try answering to an article. I try top posting, I try replying.

I tried repetition. I wrote a bot that tries to log me in several different ways over and over again so I can get something done but still be trying. Has worked a couple times, but it's not been reproducable.

It's quite maddening to see. I get sent off to the site to log in, and then once I present my credentials I see my properly hashed information in the bottom status bar, and the address bar shows it properly pulled out and added to the query string.

I'm looking at the go ram authentication values right there. And they're correct from everything I know of Passport.

It doesn't matter. It just sits there with that stupid half-globe spinning and with a blank screen.

No errors thrown. No alert boxes. View source doesn't even show HTML headers. Nada.

Refreshing the page doesn't bring it up. Hitting "Stop" and then doing it doesn't do it. Being patient doesn't do it - I've let it sit overnight but that's just overkill. .NET Frameworks session would be dead after 20 minutes anyways.

Anyone see something I'm missing? It's been something like three months that I've been like this. I'm not sure where to go from here.

JohnMcG said...

He's just not that into you.

TenaciousK said...

MsZ, I'm sure someone else has already mentioned this, but FWIW:

The only way its possible for me to reply to a post (I'm using Firefox) is to have two tabs open with the same post in each. I'll attempt to reply to one, and the program will get caught in a loop, or is stuck waiting for an authentication that never comes, or something. If I go back to the other tab, however, and hit reply again, then I'm there. Once you're in the first time, you're in.

Anyhoo, if you haven't tried it, please do. I think this strategy is browser independent, though some have to use separate windows instead of tabs, of course.

run75441 said...

Ms Zilla:

Could it be your logons worked when no one else's did? When I sign on with run and password to post or reply, I hit entry. It goes to a blank screen and the little hash marks go across the bottom of the screen and never complete.

I then hit the "backup" arrow in the upper left to backup to where I hit reply or post. Twice I think. At which point I can hit reply or post and then I am on.

Please answer this: "Have you not been doing this in the past?"