Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Studio 60 Thread

For the first time I've seen, there was what I thought was a brilliant sketch idea -- Santa Claus being ambushed by To Catch a Predator. I haven't been watching SNL or Mad TV regularly, so I don't know if this was completely original, but the whole To Catch a Predator franchise was ripe for a parody.

Also, we left behind the red state-blue state stuff for a while, and took on the FCC! They want to turn up the heat on NBS because a soldier swore during a live inteview. BOOOOOO, FCC!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

So, is Danny the father of Jordan's baby? Or does he see an opportunity to live out his paternal ambitions? Or is this Sorkin's way of telling us that Danny is a Really Good Guy, that a woman's pregnancy would trigger his attraction to her? Hmmm...

UPDATE: Maybe it's to establish that Danny is NOT NOT NOT just Josh Lynam with a Hollywood job instead of a White House job. Josh didn't go out and get Donna, but lived in tension for eight years. But Danny declares that he's coming after the woman he wants, even though (or perhaps because) she's pregnant with a baby that may or not be his. See!! They're totally different!


bite said...

I love me some Studio 60. The xmas show was early, so I guess I won't be getting my fix the rest of December.

I have also been sucked into Heroes, and it looks like it won't be back until January 22.

I guess I will have to spend time with my family or some such nonsense until then.


TV Watch said...

Booo on the FCC is right. Who are they to tell us what we can or can't see on TV?

Unfortunately, the threat of fines from the FCC - even for live programming, like the newscast on last night's episode - is very real. PBS news programs on the war in Iraq, Saving Private Ryan, and even attempts to televise the funeral of Pat Tillman have all been either edited or cancelled out of fear of major fines.

For more information on how the threat of government fines is putting a real damper on everything from newscasts to live sports programming, go to www.televisionwatch.org

JohnMcG said...

The other amusing thing was while they we one-upping each other debunking Christmas myths, Mark McKinney said that "the Immaculate Coneption has nothing to do with Jesus."

This is true, but not for the reasons he said; the Immaculate Conception refers to the doctrine that Mary was conceived without original sin. Virgin birth is comething else entirely.