Monday, May 07, 2007

Who Needs User Titles?

Well, we do.

This is a clip of the Manage Users Titles page of nuponuq. As you can see, during one of my more creative moments, I decided that because your User Title is determined by the number of posts you’ve made, that it made perfect sense to assign Roman Numerals as User Titles. It was only later that I realized this was a lame (and redundant) idea. Typical user titles range from the sober (New Member, Member, Veteran Member) to the sardonic (Just popping in, Quite a regular, Just can't stay away, Home away from home).

So, anyone have any good ideas for new User Titles? I can edit the Title and the PostCount, and it appears I can create an unlimited number of Titles. So give me your lists or theme suggestions. For example: