Monday, May 21, 2007

Any More Off Topic I'd Get Arrested

This just in: all fifty states have now moved their presidential primaries to last month. By forfeit, in 2008 the presidency will pass to Canada. Can this man be recruited as next leader of the free world?


Rather than trying to get Gonzales to resign, I think we should be trying to focus on the positive. How can Alberto remake his career? I say he'd make a great dominatrix. But I think he might really find his calling as replacement for Don Imus. Whatever it is, just make sure it's bold.

Why I like the French: they were right about the war, they stage meaningless protests, they have very, very good food. True, they are rude to most people, but I see this as a healthy recognition that most people are poopheads (eg: see above).

That being a lead in to august's very short reviews of French movies:
"Avenue Montaigne" A
"The Valet" B
"Paris Je T'aime" could have been cut by several features, but it's worth it in the end B+
"Private Lives in Public Spaces" D

What we think has become of switters:

a. Silenced by heartbreak
b. Reading bacon's book
c. Stiking it to the man
d. Golfing
e. Trapped when fence caved in.

Coffee -- rundeep has called it "the elixer of life." I used to drink Lavazza, but they've done something funny with their espresso. What's your tipple?