Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Easy there, Mr. Friedman

Tom Friedman would be funny, if the stakes weren't quite so deadly. It's like reading the transcript of a psychoanalytical session:

"Now Mr. Friedman, we'll do a little role playing today. Pretend you're the president of the united states, and you'd written a few dozen columns, er, speeches about Iraq's threat of chemical weapons and 'doing it right'. Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned. What do you tell the American people?"


"Yes, you can do it."

"I... was..."

"Oh, very good, Mr. Friedman. Very good. Please go on!"

"I was ...wrong. There. I said it."

"Oh, very good."

"I'm so sorry, America. He didn't have any WMD. He wasn't a thre--

"Mr. Friedman?"

"wasn't a th--


"wasn't a... wasn't..."tyranny! nihilism! car bombs! Islamists! Iraq! Do it right, do it right, DO IT RIGHT!"

"Okay Mr. Friedman, that's enough for today."