Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Papers 4/1/2007 (No kidding)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

  • The editorial page coninues its quicotic support of noodling, or bare-handed fishing. I have no brief for or against nooding, but the argument the editorial uses, that more fish are caught by other means, doesn't seem like a winner to me.
  • Charles Krauthammer writes that Afganistan is not more important than Iraq That may be the case now, but that's precisely the problem -- it wasn't five years ago. Now we've engineered a situation where a civil conflic in another country can claim equal impotance with bringing down the architects of 9/11.
  • The NRA's coming to town.


august said...

About all I read in the New York Times was an article on the buyouts at the automakers. The last great industrial jobs in the U.S. are becoming extinct, so partly it's about lifestyle, and partly its about culture. I thought the article could have been better. The Times Magazine has something on China's educational system I'd like to check out. The Book Review was not worth reading.

I'm trying to re-read "A Brief History of Time." I don't really get it.