Friday, April 27, 2007

Highly Inappropriate Presidential Haiku

Write your own! No better way to kill off a day at work! It doesn't have to be obscene! It doesn't have to include exclamation points!

Springtime in D.C.
Behold the bounty of earth.
Cherries! Turdblossoms!

Pinky and the Brain
want to take over the world.
Just like Wolfowitz.

Alack! My little red
button. How I long to press
you. So long, Paris!

Alberto, please let
me habeas your corpus.
Oh sweet Gonzales!

Harriet Meirs.
Harriet Meirs. Harri-
et Meirs. Spank me.


Archaeopteryx said...

Crazy John McCain
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.
His campaign is fucked.

Isonomist said...

Six hunnert n three
to do your bidding Jesus,
then, baseball commish.

Keifus said...

But it vulgarity is still OK, right? Anyway, for the candidates:

Maverick no more
The schtick worked before John's nose
smelled like Bush's ass

Alas poor Rudy!
image of leadership lost
on floor twenty-three

(Thumbs up to ruling?
Let no ideal go unsold
You're a tool, Rudy.)

And speaking of whores,
the Mormon's only feature
is his light brown hair.

thinks Hillary is OK.
A good endoresment

(Not sure I agree,
but count on the media
to focus on looks)

Al Gore, please come back
if bombing Iraq's given
at least you are green

Same old platitudes
in a charming new wrapper
They love you, Barack.

JohnMcG said...

April -- a debate?
Seems way way way too early
No winner to be.

august said...

(after John McG)

April -- a debate?
Seems so unnecessary.
I'm always right.