Monday, April 16, 2007

OK, Wiksters. Tell me what you think.



Bite oftheweek said...

not sure I am loving it

Schadenfreude said...

Could you expand on that a bit?

Anonymous said...

- aside from it being ugly as sin?

How do you post anonymously?

Anonymous said...

Anon: It looks like you can't post a top post if you're not registered, but you can post a reply. Just open any post and you'll see the reply form.

Anonymous said...

I did that.

It said only registered users could post a reply.

I'll check again, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it has something to do with your computer's settings. Cookies or something like that. Registering is better anyway, you can expand, collapse the forum, threads, get notified when someone replies to your post, etc.

Anonymous said...

I think it's in your set up.

"This blog does not allow anonymous comments" - is what I get.

Anyway - time for some real griping.

This place is getting awful. Aside from the horrible name and uncompelling graphical display, the content is really hurting. Filler is only fine when there is something of substance in the sandwich.

Now there have been a few interesting musings; but its been damn quiet here.

And no one here even commenting on the ghostie vs. fussy debate. Here's a challenge then: scoring for - ghostie; fussy; ensley; dawnie; davie.

Stop being such wusses.

Anonymous said...

Can’t say for sure, but I suspected it was your computer’s settings because a few people have been able to post as “[Guest]”, so it’s working for some.

You’re right about WikiFray being a bit dead. There was the holiday. I sense people, having a taste of blogging, are growing more interested in their own blogs and less so in this group blog. The Fix the Fray project is possibly renewing interest in the fray (at the expense of WikiFray). dotdotdot

Claude Scales said...

My brain hurts!

Bite oftheweek said...


Don't like the split screen. Also: can't find older replies
Also: Hate that I have to go back screens to get rid of the split screen
Also: Can't read all the replies without hitting them individually

Probably solutions to all of these, but not easy to find, so not very user friendly.

While I am bitching, can I just say how irritating it is to have to go to all these different websites to find my favorite posters? I think I will blame betty the crow for that today
tomorrow I will blame IOZ
The next day I will be in SF or I would blame ender. I will blame him when I get back

Schadenfreude said...

Aww...bite, I gave you a star and everything.

So..what I hear you saying is "just like the Fray but not broken".

Bite oftheweek said...

And I took it seriously. I just gave you more feedback than I ever gave the fray.

I am a bit cranky. I am down to my last lortab, and don't know how I am going to drift off into a drugged haze after today.

...I may need to schedule that hernia surgery

Anonymous said...


ghostie - 9/10: provides an completely obvious interpretation of Ensley, but loses a point for the consequence of that: an inobvious interpretation of fussy.

fussy - 2/10:totally weak interpretation of Ensley; pretense of showing contradiction when none exists

dawnie - 5/10: annoying attack on Ensley, making mundane point, but scores points for style and consistency. Invariably posts to one person, but writes to others (yawn).

Ensley - 3/10: patronizing weak top post - he's obviously become his father in self-righteousness. Scores points for keeping it real in defense.

daveto - 4/10: may have a point but probably incapable of stating it. If he does have a point, he gets lost in it.

Keifus said...

If I knew that one was for credit, I would have, like, studied or something.

Anonymous said...

Keifus - everything's for credit.

Bite oftheweek said...