Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gonzales Must Go

There's no excuse.

Blue State is live-blogging the testimony, and I've listened to bits on C-Span.

Gonzales claims he's firing people for poor management and lack of judgement (see responses to questions posed by Brownback). At a very minimum, Gonzales has demonstrated has failed to uphold the standards he claims to be maintaining in the Department.

All that overlooks the fact that he lied to the press, and that he at least did not prepare, and in all likelihood mislead Congress, in his earlier testimony.

Finally, there's the continuing problem that he doesn't seem to understand law. Blue State has a clip of his position on Habeus Corpus, which is Orwellian. He's a major idealist of the dictortorial presidency, and it's about time he learned something about the power of Congress. He's intellectually bankrupt and morally compromised. I don't see how he can keep his job. If he were in any other department, maybe, but Justice requires at least some appearance of propriety.

I wonder what the administration's play will be. Does Bush support Gonzales and dare Congress to make a move? Or does he make the issue go away?


august said...

Coburn (R-OK) just called for Gonazales to resign. It's pretty ugly. Gonzales insists that there were legitimate reasons for the firings, but claims he did not know what they were when he actually fired people. Then he read up on the documents -- and gives his reasons for the firings only in the vaguest terms, thus not being very convincing about his claim that there was nothing improper. To me (biased) he sounds like an idiot. But even Byron York at National Review thinks it's a disaster.

august said...

Kyl (R, Arizona) is tossing softballs about internet gambling, all Gonzales has to do is say "yes" and he's still flustered.

Leahy up now.

august said...

Specter doesn't like Gonzales, but he loves the camera, and is using his time to say to the good people of Pennsylvania "I care about Va Tech!"

Also, some stuff about surveillance letters and oversight of wiretapping.

august said...

Feinstein. Feisty. She's talking about home state Senators for attorneys.

I'm tired of watching the vultures circle. It's rather ugly. Kind of like when I discovered, after years of living in an apartment, that the refrigerator had a drip pan.