Monday, April 30, 2007

Off topic

Stuff and nonsense...

  • Yeah, I'd say Jacob Weisberg's probably not too concerned about us Fraysters and former Fraysters.

    At least I wouldn't be, if I were him. (HT: Kaus)

  • One thing about the Edwards haircut deal -- one of the things that seems so strange about it is that presumably there would be other ways for the barber to be paid other than campaign funds. If you were John Edwards barber and a supporter of his campaign, would you want a campaign issue made out of how much he paid for your services? So that they did it this way tells me the Edwards people (and the barber) thought it was no big deal.

  • Never was much for the NFL draft, so no big thoughts there.

  • If you're so inlclined, check out my post at MBB about the Great Strides walk to fund research to cure Cystic Fibrosis, which my 2 year old daughter has, and consider supporting us.