Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Papers 3/25/2007

St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

  • Area malls are instituting curfews for unescorted teenagers on weekend nights. There have been a couple high-profile incidents. Wonder who or what will fill the void?
  • Leftist interest group mouthpiece Sylvester Brown counsels despair about the state takeover of St. Louis city schools. I wish all this passion we're seeing now was channeled into improving the schools over the past several years.
  • Metro just completed a huge expansion of the light rail system. But they didn't want to pay for bathrooms at the stops. So people are using the elevators, and they stink and are an embarrassment. (I've experienced the aroma of the Central West End station) Sounds like a penny-wise poind-foolish decision to me.
  • The market for scalped tickets to the Midwest regional at the Edward Jones Dome is soft. The teams are Florida, Oregon, Butler, and UNLV -- far a away tems that are not know to "travel well."
  • Bryan Burwell says Billy Donovan should stay at Florida rather than pursure the open Kentucky job. Gotta agree. For those who villify Nick Saban's move to Alabama, the pressure for him there may be punishment enough.