Monday, March 12, 2007

Rotten Apple

It’s a first: an Apple ad I don’t like.

It’s a first: an Apple ad I don’t like (click on the security one). The recent series of Microsoft-bad Apple-good shows a young hip dude talking with an older nerdish guy about the benefits of Apple versus Microsoft, with the usual ad propaganda language we’ve all come to know and love from corporations. I judge the series as good/above average, being clean and to the point, much like the recent UPS ads (the guy on the whiteboard, couldn't quickly find a link).

But one Apple ad is getting past the pundits and I can’t believe it. Here we have the young hip Apple guy saying the Apple is better than the security-plagued Microsoft product. Oh the horror of Vista trying to protect its users from security threats! Huhn. It seems Apple assumes we will ignore the fact that the only reason Microsoft has been targeted by the criminal element is that it was far more successful than Apple’s OS back in the day, for both home and business users. Now we are tasked to believe that Apple is better because it lacks the very security threats it would have had had it been the better OS back in the 80’s and 90’s? I guffaw at the very notion that we should be so blindly led into believing the propaganda now before us. Apple would kill for the very market situation they now rail against to be reversed and we are asked to buy their product because it was less successful than they wanted 20 years ago.

I recently had the opportunity to obtain a widescreen MacBook as my everyday work computer but said no. Sexy as it looked, I did not like the potential networking headaches and would rather stick with my three year old Dell that has not missed a day of work for reason of sickness or need of a day off.

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TenaciousK said...

Good point.

I'm actually tempted to go back to the mac, however, now that they're using intel processors. I loved my mac IIci, and I never would've given apple up, if it hadn't been for the software issues.

So I would've taken the new laptop, but that's just me.

But you're right. Despite his well-cultivated "rebel" image, I'm pretty confident Jobs would much rather be defending the virtues of the Apple monopoly than sniping at the vulnerabilities of the Microsoft monopoly. Silly ad.

twiffer said...

apples are still the computers for those who have no skill using computers at all. not that it's bad thing.

i'm guessing they also failed to mention that apple's os is so superior, they've included a windows emulator.

TenaciousK said...

Wow, Twif - is that a red hanky you're waving in my face there?

I used both, back in the day. Macs were far superior - both the OS and the hardware. Even now, I think you'll find they'll continue to limp along in their new incarnation as a PC with an add-on premium OS. I'd consider switching back, but like a lot of other people, I'm put off by the price.

But they're great machines, and that initial idea (size of a toaster, and as easy to use) transformed computer design. If they'd licensed the GUI they stole (er, sorry - that was "took inspiration") from Xerox-Parc labs, they'd be one of the dominant companies (if not the dominant company) today.

Dawn Coyote said...

Fuck. Fucking fuckity-fuck. Son of a fucking fuck. Mother of all fucks. Fuckaroo.

So, hard drive replaced, and—shazzam!—all data recovered (except for [sob] pictures...the only thing that I can't replace. Really, I can probably recover those, too, if I get someone who knows what they're doing [ie not me] to have a go) and I'm so excited by the restoration of my precious Mac-rendered environment (using someone else's computer is like sleeping in a strange bed: I still get the job done, but nothing is where I expect it to be) that I immediately download all those software updates I've been neglecting to install for months.

...and now both my Safari and Firefox browsers are acting weird. Half the time the won't let me open pages; they won't let me reply to mail; they get hung up inexplicably. This has never happened before. My question: is it likely that I've downloaded some malware? Or is it just my Pismo paying me back for getting my needs met somewhere else? It's important, because I've been thinking of updating this dear little device rather than moving on to something newer, but if my constant companion can't handle my refusal to go without while it is out of commission, well, maybe it really is time to move on.

Heliogabalus said...

Funny how this war between Mac & Windows users stills raging on....
Mac used to be Hip back then, before Gates "took" ideas & codes from somebody else, before OS 02 Warp & the accessible to general public of 3,1. Windows is very functional (easy to use, but unreliable), Mac is cute but Linux & all related Unix based flavors & distros are what is best for computing. because of the open source project, meaning that every day people are working on ways & means to implement the OS.

TenaciousK said...

Ah, screw this silly debate.

It's all been downhill since the Amiga anyway*.

*Typed on a fucking NeXTstation, losers**...

**Actually typed on an SE/30, but if I'd bought a NeXTstation, I'm sure I'd still be using it - trying to make good on my investment, and all.

Or not. I think the SE/30 was actually more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed TK a very wise investment NeXtStation, 5000$ for a piece of hardware obsolete a couple of years later, and based on an Operation System available for free on any decent Open sources FTP servers. But the GUi was an eye candy, for those not aware that you could do the same thing for free, with any good Linux desktop environments package.
And if you still be using a NeXtStation today, because of the board, memory, processor, drive & modem limitations, you'd have to wait half an hour to load this page....

TenaciousK said...

$5000? On clearance maybe.

Is that why it takes this damn page so long to load? Silly me.

The only thing I was semi-serious about was the Amiga. It was a better machine (and OS, at the time).

Those Next, though - weren't they the sexiest thing goin' there for awhile? It may take my page a half hour to load, but damn, don't I look good doing it!