Thursday, March 08, 2007

American G.I.s Found Curled Up In Fecal Position

Iraq War Veterans To Receive Best Medical Attention Government Can Provide Except For Last 3 1/2 Years Give Or Take
•Wounded Rehab Regimen Consists Of Sitting In Own Shit For Hours, Sitting In Own Piss To Be Tried Next
What Would Jesus Do? (Probably Stay Dead This Time)

Uh-oh. Don't look now, but word on the street is that the ultimate sacrifice for serving your country these days is the ultimate sacrifice for serving your country. One can only conclude that the best way to be treated like an actual human being by this administration's idea of the inherent dignity of a wounded soldier is to stop getting shot and blown up in the first place.


In related news:

VA Hospital Bureaucracy To Be Replaced By Operation™ Game Hooked Up To VCR Playing Brady Bunch Episodes Non-Stop
•Efficiency Cut In Half
White House: "Where's That Buck Thingie Supposed To Stop Again?"

[I've been listening to Rush Limbaugh lately while I'm driving home at lunch to let the dogs out, mostly because the retards at my local NPR affiliate opted to play some syndicated classical music show bullshit from 9 am to 3 pm with no news updates after lunch. Don't get me started.

I used to listen to Rush fairly regularly in the early 1990s. When I could.

Anyways, in the brief blurb I heard yesterday, he was castigating that faggot John Edwards for using Jesus to criticize American foreign policy. And it got me to thinking (Heads up!!!). I wonder which is more hypocritical: Using The King of the Jews to criticize American foreign policy, or using The King of the Jews to justify American foreign policy.

Seems too close to call at this point.]


Keifus said...

Using JC to criticize at least gets points for irony, which is always appreciated. Whatever was the fat bastard's beef about it? (Please don't make me look it up.)