Monday, September 10, 2007

A Brief Word on Iraq

Petraeus (Hi David!) is supposed to be giving us new information, information that we have been patiently awaiting so that we can make a rational decision about Iraq. There are already, however, many signs that the political theater of his testimony will be an upgraded version of "mission accomplished."

Some common tactics of the Bush administration:

Blame Europe
Yes, the folks who saw that this was going to be a clusterfuck are the ones we're supposed to blame. John Bolton on the BBC this morning: "We'd appreciate more cooperation from Europe." Well, Bolton, they'd appreciate more cooperation from us.

Saddam Hussein Blew Up The Two Towers
Petraeus's testimony falls on 9/10 and -- well, what do you know! -- 9/11.

Change The Standards of Success
Okay, so the surge was meant to help foster political cooperation, and there has been no political cooperation. The Iraqi president is ineffective even as a puppet. But, look over there! In some sectors of Baghdad, Iranian supplied Shiite militia are cooperating with U.S. troops! Mazel Tov!

Best Case Scenario
If all the forces align just right -- maybe everybody will buy puppies, love one another, and sing "Candle in the Wind" (Diana version). Or maybe nuclear war will render the whole question moot.

President Bush keeps insisting he's calmly waiting for the Petraeus report even as he tells us that he's not changing anything.

Petraeus might as well propose that our strategy is to make the country run out of bullets by giving the warring parties more targets. Because that's our "strategy" right now.