Wednesday, November 22, 2006

WikiFray Board of Directors - call for nominees

I’m willing to take the lead temporarily. I’m going to be going away from late Nov. until mid Dec., so I’m motivated to get this sorted out quickly, and get things back on track. I’m not interested in an on-going leadership role here, but I am interested in seeing the blog survive. Can you all trust me for a short time, while we try something out?

What I need from you:

Contributors and any other interested parties please nominate yourselves to the board of directors. All those who wish to have a voice in blog business are welcome to become directors. I’d like to invite topazz and Ender to participate in the process. I also encourage those who do not feel aligned with Ender or myself or topazz to join in the process. While divisive grandstanding will be discouraged as counter-productive, this ought not be an insider’s club. All are welcome.

I’ll need your email to give you access, so if Ender doesn’t have it, you need to give it to him.

Ender, if you’ll give me access, I’m going to set up a boardroom blog for these interested individuals only, in order to work out blog business away from public scrutiny. I’m of the opinion that business matters are best discussed behind closed doors, not because any of it needs to be secret, but because too many voices with too many agendas tend hamstring the process.

All interested parties please sign in below.


sikwoiu said...

Might I suggest that most people don’t want to be burdened with having to contribute to this extraneous stuff? I think the balance is best to take care of business on the blog, as you never know who might find it interesting, and to leave that business to those inclined to handle it. So, given the list of contributors is rather short, and I don’t imagine anyone will object to any single or group of the current contributors assuming administrative duties, I say you take the wheel for now, re-inviting topazz and me if that suites you, and coordinating with another volunteer or volunteers to substitute in your absence, and to co-administer or whatever in the future.

TenaciousK said...

[Chuckle] We seem to be experiencing a period characterized by rash and decisive acts. If you want it, if Ender can't be persuaded to retain it, and if no-one else objects, then I say...

Jeez, are you sure you want the trouble? Somebody might use a copyrighted picture as their blog photo, or something, and drama could ensue.

Well, you'll get no argument from me.

PS: If you want an alternative to a blog business blog, I'm thinking all those email addresses are easy enough to pour into a cc. You know, if we want to do things the old fashioned way.

PPS: Given the number of hits we had yesterday, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole sordid affair wasn't contrived.

PPPS. Is that a shiv in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

PPPPS. BTW Schad - I hate to ask, but would you email me ( There's a little issue you'll want to know about (I think), and I don't want to mention it here.

Schadenfreude said...


Sorry, no can do.

If it can't be discussed in public, then you'd best keep it to yourself.

TenaciousK said...


As an alternative, I'd certainly be happy to email any friendly intermediary. As an alternative, I'll post the issue right here [if that's what you really want] and then delete the comment, as soon as you've acknowledged you've read it.

I don't even know if you care, but you might.

Schadenfreude said...

If you can't post it here or on the Fray, then forget it.

TenaciousK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TenaciousK said...


DC, I'll participate in blog business. I'm a little distressed by the, uhm, muted quality of the response from other people. My hope is that people are still feeling a little off-put by all the drama, and may feel more positive in the next little while.

PS. - I wrote this comment about 45 minutes ago, but couldn't get word verification to display until now. Is anyone else having trouble with this?

Keifus said...

I don't know Dawn, it seems straightforward enough to develop a "rules of the road" and a policy for violations. Disappointing that it's needed already. If you want input on some basic ideas you can run 'em by via email (follow the link in my profile), but I'm not deeply interested in the nuts and bolts engineering of it.

Other than that, if someone can just let me know when the flagellations are over, that'd be cool.


Dawn Coyote said...

Okay. Ender’s given me the keys. I’m drafting a brief plagiarism policy for your review Monday.

Regarding blog business discussion:
There is another blog that Ender created along with this one. If it ever becomes necessary to take business off the main board, I could add you all as members there (or create a new one for the purpose), and we could discuss things privately (legal matters, for example), or with comments disabled, so that the process remains open to public view, but not to public input. Email is also an option. As you all point out, none of these things is necessary at the moment.

The discussion between max and Ender in the thread below has been helpful.

Think about what we might need for a bare-bones Rules of the Road for WikiFray, maybe give some consideration to how we might resolve the current situation, and I'll see you Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving.

misterioso said...

Perhaps this will interest the new board. It's an excerpt from a comment in the thread "Nomination(s)":

maximo said:

itty bitty: this is so jewy: "I’m sorry topazz plagiarized. I’m sorry topazz feels justified/unbothered in allowing the Anon’s and the ZB’s to attack WikiFray in her name. Despite everything, I thought that she at least cared a little. Guess not."

November 22, 2006 9:42 AM

Let's see: No one could argue that it's meant to be "humorous," as switters' bigoted references are thought to be. Yet the silence has been deafening. Oh, there's this exception: your new temporary leader Dawn Coyote commented that "The discussion between max and Ender in the thread below ['Nomination(s)'] has been helpful."

What are you, a casually antisemitic gentiles' club?

(I wonder whether I can post in the Fray. Maximo's remark may be of greater interest there.)

Comment (on 3936):

Dawn Coyote said...

Hey misty, allow me to clarify:

I think maximo meant "chewy", like "hard to swallow." He sometimes does that phonetic thing, gets it wrong - ESL, you know?

Either that, or he's a Nazi.

Thanks for stopping by.

(hey, this aggregator thing works great!)

MsZilla said...

From what I can tell it's a fairly light thing with Ender handling the technical duties. Is that true?

If so, I'd be glad to help while you're on vacation. We just shipped the second of those awful projects I've been on so I'm not being crushed quite so hard. I'm already managing multiple blogs and multiple other sites. I'm not going anywhere over the holidays (everyone comes here; there are 14 people in my house as we speak).

If anyone's interested, I can whip up a version of my standard Rules of the Road I use. Here's Gamerdad's Forum Posting Guidelines. That's for a full on forum; with a few careful cuts it might be a start for here.

Dawn Coyote said...

MsZ: if you have the time and inclination, post 'em and let us have a look.

And it would be great if you could take over admin for a bit. august and John also have access, so we are none of us alone.

I'll be away Nov. 29 - Dec. 16.

14 people?! I couldn't do that without heavy medication.

misterioso said...

Dawn Coyote--

Thanks for the clarification. ESL, huh? I'd love to believe you. Meantime, though, I posed a question at Slate's BotF:

Are most Fraysters casually antisemitic?

I couldn't produce a proper link there either, but I posted URLs. All publicity is good publicity, right?

august said...


If you'd like to do something useful, you could fill us in on kos's policy on plagiarism (for example, does kos make any distinction between an unatributed one or two sentence cut and paste vs. a full-on We are looking at different models.

In answer to your on fray question -- probably, but in maximo, you've found one who isn't. Are you actually interested in conversation on this topic? I know you are under the impression that you are working from moral clarity. But maximo (has other nics) has made a career of getting people to underestimate/misunderstand him.

[ps -- me calling maximo antisemetic would be antisemetic]

Dawn Coyote said...

aw, misty - thanks. I needed that.

In the interest of full disclosure, max isn't the only one.

misterioso said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
misterioso said...

Ah, yes. That's the post whose first sentence Ender confessed to plagiarizing. _____________________________________

Daily Kos's rules for attributing quotes, etc.:
Daily Kos FAQ --> Writing diaries --> Diary guidelines. See 5., 6., and 7.