Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

I can say that now that we've gotten through most of the meal and the mess. The dishwasher is singing a one-note koan to itself in the kitchen and the rest of the gang is playing Munchkin and settling stomachs for pumpkin pie.

Had a couple really good moments. Danica and Miranda and I were at the grocery store for that one last shopping trip that always seems to have to happen the night before. We were in the salad section, and I was picking up some tomatoes to add to the bagged salad kit we were planning on and Danica said I shouldn't. When I asked her why she said, "You can't! The salad is perfect. It's like making God wear a bad hat!"

When they first got out Munchkin, my brother-in-law wasn't too sure what was going on. It's a silly card game based loosely on the idea of Dungeons and Dragons. First monster he fights he draws the "Sex Change" card. This makes it so your character is the opposite gender from you. I'm all the way in the kitchen and all I hear is "What the HELL kind of game is this!?"I love it.

The Munchkin moment was topped just a bit ago, when my BIL finally managed to get rid of the Sex Change card by foisting it off on my younger son, who just gave us a spirited but very bad rendition of the chorus of Meridith Brooks's "Bitch" complete with a little dance.

I hope you all are having a wonderful evening with family and friends.


TenaciousK said...

A belated happy Thanksgiving, Ms. Z. Had a lovely time with my family, though there was enough evident dysfunction it makes me wonder why we just don't sit around and watch football, like the saner dysfunctional families do.

"It's like making God wear a bad hat." I love it how some teenagers learn they can get whatever they want, so long as they express themselves well enough.