Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Roll Call (of sorts) Phase II

Please complete Phase I prior to proceeding with Phase II.

For an overview/better understanding of how all this works, read Hector's instructions, and in particular for this Phase II, scroll down to near the bottom of his post and read the part that starts, "To make this "introduction" works for labels..."

Okay, so, that gray area just below and attached to your label. We're going to fill that space with information about you. What information is up to you. Below this post is a post by me titled "ed" and labeled "ed". The combination of these two elements (title and label) cause the contents of that post to appear in the gray area just under my label "ed."

Your task is to follow suit. Author a post both labeled and titled with your two letter initials/label that you created in Phase I. Then fill that post with what you'd like to appear in the gray space above, under your label.

It is entirely up to you what you want to include. I will standardized the "Favorite" and "Subscribe" links in mine and apply them to everyone, so don't worry about that. Otherwise, feel free to experiment with feeds of your latest from around the web or your blog, images, testimonials, contact information, confessions, whatever. It is entirely up to you. But with great power comes great responsibility. That means check your work. The space is 900 pixels wide and 200 pixels high. I've also had little time to experiment with it, so again, if what you're trying to do messes something up, undo it and try something else.

What I'd like is for everyone to experiment with this. My guess is that some of you might have some bright ideas, and the rest of us will copy your examples.