Monday, November 12, 2007

Hello WikiFray members

If you have just received an invitation to join WikiFray and are wondering why, please read Ender's hara-kiri post, and the follow-up (fallout) over at the forum.

If you have posts on WikiFray and I've seen you in the last six months and I could find your email address, you've received an invitation. You're welcome to return and post, edit, delete or ignore the invitation altogether. If you didn't get an invitation, and you want access, email me at, and I'll add you.


I can't get comments to show up. If anyone would like to fix that... In the meantime, there's the forum, for the next two weeks, anyway.
Forum link


august said...

Dawn --

Small administrative matter -- could you post the widget that allows a one-click subscription to Wikifray's RSS feed?


august said...

nevermind, I found it