Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cacaphony and Discord... Hijacked!!!

Not that anyone reads the bloody thing, but since one has has seen fit to post links to contributor blogs, it should be noted that I have since renamed the Cacaphony and Discord blog to Microwave Burgers.

Just as an interesting aside, if you do decide to rename your blog, go back to the URL at a later time and you may find that some Jesus Freak, possibly employing a bot, has hijacked your old URL for posting the usual feel-good drek for the viewing pleasure of... well... who the hell knows. Normally, I try to be very tolerant of the religious viewpoint of others (no, really), but I'm afraid that when you have, on your profile page... Industry: Religion... you've officially worn out my patience.

Religion as industry. I'm sure that's what Jesus REALLY wanted. Blessed are the religious industrialists, for they shall have the contempt of worlds for their possession.

Note to whoever is doing the scorekeeping around here, could you please make a note of the new address? Thanx.


JohnMcG said...

Feeds updated, as well as some other updates. Now I'm going to throw the feeds back on the right side.

Dawn Coyote said...

daveto's blog became a porn site, if I recall. Someone named "Benjamin" has mine. Nothing there yet, but I'll keep checking. What will it be - White supremacy? Diets supplements? Genital enhancement? The mind boggles.

John: nice.