Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Father's Gone Hunting

As a child I always looked forward to my father going deer hunting because it meant that I'd get to sleep with my Mom. There were four of us children but I was the lucky one who was given the honor of sleeping with Mama. She said she liked sleeping with me because I kept still when I slept and I was the best goochier [her term for cuddling]. When we would get into bed she'd say, "scoot over here, honey and let's goochie up." She would wrap her arms around me and I could feel her smell my hair and sigh. There was no better feeling in the world to my little girl's heart.

cold winter night
wrapped in
warmth and love


Dawn Coyote said...

This one makes an poignant counterpoint to the one just below. I want to draw lines between them, and make one an explanation or compensation for the other.

Nice to see you back, Sandy.

Sandy said...

Sometimes with all the things that happen to us in life we tend to forget the cherished little memories. I wish I could experience this one again but I'll have to settle for feeling it in my mind.

I know what you mean about the other one. I wrote this haibun to remind myself it is not all bad.

It's good to be back, Dawn. It feels very comfortable here...much more inviting.