Monday, December 10, 2007

Coffee -> Radiation -> Water -> Chocolate -> ?

I have to admit I enjoy having "Benjamin" who hijacked fond adversaria, around.

He arrives with bland advice about food that I can't imagine anyone reading through. He asks for nothing, demands nothing, does not engage.

He doesn't know us, knows that we don't know him, but he writes in the first person about his personal preferences and reommendations. In his water post, he takes care to remind us not to substiture his advice for that of a doctor, and disclaims liability.

So far, we have been treated to his thoughts on coffee, radiation, water, and chocolate. What will be next. How will my diet change next week in response to his latest advice.

I wait....


Dawn Coyote said...

I know. I feel like I ought to have a spasm of possessiveness, perhaps do something to reclaim my former property, but I find it hard to get worked up in the face of such blandness. I anticipate advice about regular car maintenance, on getting sufficient sleep, on office cubicle etiquette.

One suspects that Benjamin passes through each day barely detected by others. He must be almost invisible at parties. The most interesting thing about Benjamin, to me, is the question of whether or not he's a bot.

Archaeopteryx said...

I don't understand. Blogger is free. Why would you steal somebody else's blog? And how can you? Don't you have to have a password?

JohnMcG said...

Well, I think the goal is to catch folks who still have the feed URL in their readers (like us, I suppose), then you get free eyeballs without having to build an audience.

Can't imagine it fools anybody, but Benjamin's posts don't look like spam either.

Maybe that's Step 2 of the master plan.

Keifus said...

Look at his profile. He's got a couple other blogs too (also presumably hijacked).

I likewise find it odd and, since it's so unintrusive, sort of puppy-dog cute. I suspect that you can trace Benjamin's behavior to some "get rich" strategy published on the marketing blogoverse somewhere.

Is it harder to think up non-content for three different blogs, or stuff people would actually want to read for one? (Because I find the second one is sorta difficult.)


JohnMcG said...

Maybe we should introduce him to her.

Dawn Coyote said...

I deleted the blog, and someone picked it up and took it as their own. I really do think Benjamin could be a bot. Or someone doing market research.

topazz said...

what you people simply fail to realize is that there are millions upon millions of individuals out there who are just flatliners; people who never had an original thought in their whole life, people who don't have a witty, scintillating, titillating or even vaguely intellectual bone in their bodies. People who slug through each day. And then they die.

TenaciousK said...

Topazz, I wish you'd quit talking about me like that.

My next post:
A comparative analysis of the nutritional content and gustatory satisfaction of library paste, Elmer's glue and crayons.

Benjamin better not be stealing my idea, though! I've got a lot to do today, which makes writing a new post critically important.

Dawn Coyote said...

I think I'm going to start replying to his posts like he is one of us. I encourage others to do the same.

Dawn Coyote said...

That was freakin' priceless. Ben is my new favorite person.