Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Cat has awarded WikiFray with a Thinking Blogger Award. A very diplomatic choice Cat. WikiFray appreciates it.

For those of you who didn't follow the TBA link (and I'm not sure you should, it's a very large (read: slow to load) page, the rules say as recipients, we now get to choose 5 blogs also worthy of this award. Now I could make this easy and take it upon myself to choose 5 and be done with it. I could make it a bit less easy and argue that because WikiFray is a group blog, Cat has in effect awarded each of us individually a TBA, and so multiply the number of TBA's we have to give out by however many of us there are. Or I could make it a project and breathe new life, if only temporarily, into this tired old meme of tag. Which do you think I'm going to do?

Some of you may recall the 2006 Best of the Fray Choice Awards. It was a somewhat fun and totally transparent exercise to try and get some attention for bestofthefray. Didn't really work, but in the process I did discover some interesting reads. Well, now that we have something apparently worth re-gifting to give away, I'd like to revisit the choice awards concept. What I'd like to do is piggyback our award on the TBA. Or to put it another way, draft of the TBA to give our award some momentum.

Here are the rules for us. We're only going to give away one TBA. We're going to spend the next few weeks finding new "to us" bloggers -- and when you find one you'd like to nominate, do so in response to this post. That means, it's time for y'all to venture out again and meet new people with a purpose. I say few weeks because we're going to play this one by ear. At some point, however, I'll give you warning. At the end of the nomination period, I'll compile the list of nominees and we'll take another week or two to vote. The winner will get not only our TBA, but will also get the additional honor of _________________.

Blank as in, I don't know what to call it. Maybe "Star Poster"? But it will be essentially the same thing as the TBA, only you can only give out one instead of five. The goals of this monumental waste of time are simple: 1. Identify interesting new bloggers for the group; and 2. Start a meme of our own. Get ready, get set, go.

p.s. I like this star. But, since we're making this up from scratch, feel free to improve upon it.
p.p.s. Oh, and the person who nominates the winner of our Star Poster Award should probably get a prize too. So get motivated while I think of something.