Monday, July 02, 2007

The case for Green power....screw Global Warming

The debate on the Global Warming issue rages on much like the fires of an old number six, grandfathered in water tube boiler chugging out superheated steam and products of combustion for the power generation industry. There are experts for and experts against. Would it be past the audacious and underhanded manipulations of big oil concerns to pay off experts for their own benefit???... no, I think not. Is that the case now? I don't know for sure. To date I am still not convinced that man is capable of significant input to the process of our steadily increasing average temperatures. But no matter. Green power technology exists and it is what the entire world should be pursuing not just because it is kinder to the environment but also because it shows the greater potential for producing cheap, or should I say affordable power for the unfathomable population boom and subsequent power market of the next 20 years whereas petroleum based and coal based power markets only promise profit for pain.

You simply cannot set up a petroleum based power generation system in your back yard, that's impossible. However everyone can put up a small wind turbine. Everyone can throw a solar Panel on their roof or a solar water heater. Everyone can convert to evaporative-assist air conditioning systems and Geothermal heating and cooling and everyone can also send power back into the grid reversing their electric meters and contributing to a large battery store for peak usages.

On an individual scale this may seem insignificant but when you consider the effect of an increasing infrastructure over years of time it is enormous. This is the main reason I am an advocate of the green power movement. It takes the monopolistic control out of the hands of the oppressive power for profit and pain companies and puts it squarely where the largest and most efficient potential is and that is with a unified grid that becomes not only the distributor but also the collector. There is really no room for any logical argument here from an engineering standpoint which is exactly why you will never see one from that angle. As an added extra of course it also pacifies the needs of environmentalism quite nicely. Surely there is a common ground to be had between those who see the need for increased production and those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint.