Sunday, June 10, 2007

What I've Been Up To

punoqun mockup

What this means:

1. I can host blogs
2. I'd like to host your blogs
3. Posts from hosted blogs only will be promoted to articles in the magazine
4. Not all posts become articles, but I'm hoping to cherry pick about one per week per blog
5. Not everybody gets a blog - it's a select group - but everybody here
(current members of Wikifray and nuponuq) gets one if they want one.
6. Hosted blogs who desire it can share in the revenue (or your blog can be non-commercial)
7. There will also be articles that don't come from blogs
8. Only items not previously published (including in an outside the network blog) will be considered for publication
9. Those who don't want their blogs hosted can still have a nuponuq forum
10. Some forum posts may become articles (with the writer's permission)
11. Launch date is early September, so you have lots of time to think about it
(no pressure and no hard feelings)
12. Pay for articles - minimal to start, but you can put it on your resume/portfolio - you'll be a published writer
13. Anybody know where to find a good crossword program?
14. I can think of nothing better than Elbo Ruum and Isonomist as Dueling Dear Abby's.
15. Not all of you will love the software. I can also host Wordpress and maybe Movable Type, but not as seamlessly.
16. I've "borrowed" some of your stuff to show you what it might look like. The look and feel still needs some polish, and I'm looking for a better RTE, but I think I'm getting there.

Lot and lots of other stuff, but that's probably enough to digest for now. I'm around to answer questions, etc.