Friday, June 22, 2007

I want a woman in a short skirt and a loooooong...jacket.

I thought Slate's Prudie directed some sage advice toward a young woman who'd overheard her corporate mentors disparaging her lack of style.

I'm pleased to see Ms. Prude's enthusiastic support for the venerable tradition of mutual back-scratching.

"A demonstration of complementarism, Cowgill and Hutchinson (1963) (cited by DeMause, 1989) reported that all the girls were very flirtatious with the grown men, often overtly sexual even as very young girls. When they looked for the reasons why, they found a very high boy/girl ratio and noticed that girls were regularly allowed to die off - through giving them less food and by other neglect - if they did not appeal sexually to the men around them."

Feminist idealism is for losers, lesbians and the otherwise unfuckable. If your boss, man or woman, can't look at you and say "I'd hit that!", then its just a matter of time before they find a better complement.