Monday, August 20, 2007

Blogging The Debate Hungover

For whatever reason, I seem to be able to get ABC on Sunday mornings, but only if one of the dogs is laying right in front of the TV. Since they both have separation anxiety when it comes to dad, that's usually not a problem. So I decided to hover over the democratic candidates' rhetoric in between all the chain smoking and Milk Of Magnesia shots. Here are just a few observations.

-Beginning to answer a question by restating the question, word for word, is very middle school debate team-ish. It makes you sound like a heartless space robot. Speaking of which...

-Kucinich got one of the bigger laughs when he answered one of the questions, Do you think the power of prayer can affect natural disasters?, a mind-bogglingly stupid one at that, with, "Well, George, I've been praying to God for the last 45 minutes that someone would call on me." That's one nutty alien space zombie from another planet!

-John Edwards was one of only a few who answered that above question correctly, i.e., "No." Attaboy, faggot!

-Obama got in a nice dig at Hilary (Hillary?) when she and others criticized his lack of experience. He turned it around on her and said basically that lack of experience in Washington is an asset, and having experience in Washington a curse. Ouch.

-I like Richardson (Richards?). Down to earth, honest, scrappy.

-Hilary got in a nice dig at Karl Rove when she wondered aloud why he was so obsessed with her. I.e., Darth Vader he ain't.

-Apparently the new rule at these debate things is that there has to be at least one insane 80-year old nutcase who never comes close to even addressing the question and doesn't answer it to no one in particular, not even to the camera. !!!Newsflash!!! That's what we've got currently, minus the years.

-No one has a cogent exit strategy for Iraq. Not even the swinging dicks on the ground there. Why? Because there is no cogent exit strategy for Iraq. Which is exactly why we should probably get the fuck out of there, like, ASAP.

-9/11 changed everything? What? Well this is certainly news to me! Why am I always the last to find these things out? It's like snail mail all over again. And here I thought there were so many delays at the airport because of that Il Divo tour Simon Cowell's hocking like snake oil at a carnival freak show.

-I really need to go through that stack of papers on the left side of the desk. It's funny that Citibank keeps sending me emails about protecting me from identity theft and yet continues to send me balance transfer checks 10 times a month. Conflict of interest, or marketing through "make an example of" philosophy"? You tell me.

-Any of these folks would probably make a better president than George W. Bush. Although at this point so would my dog laying in front of the TV there. Good girl!

Off topic: 50. Did he even break a sweat? Can't wait for the US Open.