Saturday, April 19, 2008

What Do We Think About When We Think About Fashion?

Is black the new black? Will I ever be a photo in the The Sartorialist? Do I even like the Sartorialist? What makes me want to dress better? How can I move through space with minimum waste, maximum joy?* Is fashion even worth it? Does it improve my self-esteem, and if so, is there something wrong with me?

We could call it a Wikifray Symposium. Sound in with your thoughts.

*It's a Sade tune that sounds the way I'd like to look.


Ted Burke said...

My mood is the new black, and what makes me feel unique and special in this life is sulking in the corner, hair in my eyes, listening to GrimCore(c)blues fusion through the thinnest wire head phones. I like it when it rains and hungry cats yowling behind apartment doors who's owners are on a long vacation make me laugh.

topazz said...

Fashion is most definitely worth it. Clothes can transform you - (look what they did for Carla Bruni) I love the Sartorialist. Whenever I'm in New York I keep an eye out for him, too. (We should be so lucky)

Dawn Coyote said...

The Sartorialist is inspiring. I"ve got good clothes. I just need to be more adventurous with them.

I like the idea of people in the city dressing in hope that he will find them.

august said...


One of the things I've always liked about rainy days -- the pressure is off. You are not obligated to have fun. Similarly, I am relieved when tragedy comes, because it means I have legitimate reason to feel bad. I also irrationally hope that there is a tragedy quota and that this particular tragedy has gotten me closer to filling it. Unfortunately, I am a historian, and understand that tragedy is limitless. So maybe it's just schadenfreude

topazz, you introduced me to the blog, thank you. I enjoy it when I find he had been in a neighborhood I had passed through that day. Makes me feel part of the big city.

dawn, I like the way he flags down people I would never expect to see in a blog on style.

topazz said...

what I love most about him are the personalities that shine through his photographs. He's the best kind of photo-journalist in that way, because he captures such beauty in everyone; young, middle-aged, old - there's no limit. You can see it in his subject's faces, and the fact that they're dressed very stylishly becomes almost secondary. He must be devastatingly charming while shooting those pictures, thats reflected in their faces too.