Thursday, February 28, 2008

Live Blogging Lost

Season 4, Episode 4

The dead people on Lost never seem to look dead. What do you wanna bet Naomi comes back to life on the other side of the helicopter trip?

Hold on—was that Locke on the cot? [No] Okay, I'm guessing the island is some kind of convergence point for multiple realities.

"Get on a train to Oxford"? "You can't change the future." ...or a loop in the space-time continuum?

[Do I ever hate watching this on regular tv. It's not so much the week-long gap between episodes, but the commercials really mess with the show's intensity.]

Hey - the rat in the maze: I remember reading in the Dancing Wu Li Masters 20 years ago that a scientist could build a maze in Berlin, and run his rat through it, and it would take x number of minutes to learn the maze. He could then send the design for the maze to a scientist in London, or Moscow, or New York, and he could also build the maze and run a rat through it. According to the story, each rat after the first learned the maze faster than the original rat, suggesting some kind of universal information field that the subsequent rats could access. I thought it was a cool story.

Okay—asynchronal confusion that causes a cerebral hemorrhage? I think Lost is doing its fancy freestyle tricks over that school of hammerheads again.

Penelope answers the phone, surrounded by the joy of Christmas? Bah!

The show that follows Lost? Eli Stone? It makes me want to beat my tv to death with a giant crucifix.