Sunday, October 14, 2007

What Are These?

Does anyone know?

I found these growing in the vicinity of my apartment. I've never seen anything quite like them before, and am interested to know what they are.

Now, before you say: "Oh my God! You didn't EAT one of those did you?!" please bear in mind a couple of things. I'm not stupid (as in liable to put some random species of fungus that I find growing my the side of the road in my mouth), I'm not particularly adventurous (as in liable to put unfamiliar foods in my mouth on a whim) and I am not a fan of mushrooms (as in liable to put any sort of mushroom, even the choice ones, in my mouth). But that being the case, I don't know anything about wild mushrooms, and little about domesticated ones, other than I don't care for either the taste of the texture. These caught my eye because of their color, and piqued my curiosity. I mean, how often does one encounter a mushroom that looks like an orange? (A question, given my luck, guaranteed to produce an answer of "every day.") If any of you know what these are called, I'd be much obliged for the information.