Friday, August 27, 2010

Glee Annoys Me

It didn't at first. I'm a sap, and I enjoy a good song and dance number. As premises go, the show seemed no more stupid than Fame. But as I have followed it on Hulu this summer, I have gotten annoyed.

  1. There's some point when the condescending plotlines about the unseen depths and tribulations of various minorities seem racist. More so when the challenges pale in comparison to the tenderness the show displays to the merely unpopular.
  2. The characters are supposed to be charming, but they lead fundamentally sad lives. So sad that the highpoint will be high school glee club.
  3. I agree with Sue about the hair.
  4. Anytime they put on cowboy hats, I want to shoot them.
I have, fortunately, found an antidote.


Archaeopteryx said...

I'm with you on this. I started out really liking it--the idea of a high school glee club doing "Rehab" struck me as hilarious. As time passes, the song choices get less inspired and more contrived. The scene where Rachel and her birth mother sang "Poker Face" to each other may be the stupidest thing I've ever seen on television.

Keifus said...

Shall we pinpoint the inflection point at the Madonna episode?

Archaeopteryx said...

That was probably it. Everybody liked the autotuned Vogue video, apparently, but me. I thought it was just artificial, like the rest of the episode. And when the music isn't funny, or it's just plain pointless, then the weaknesses in plotting and character just come shining right through. Hey, isn't there an episode of Law and Order: Carson City on the other channel?

august said...

I get that the lives of the characters are depressing (I've been reading the Onion AV club, which has an elaborate theory). And I get that the music is sometimes surreal, and that Moulin Rouge is the cinematic inspiration for the thing. Still, I really liked it, and then I didn't. It's not that it's contrived (of course it's contrived), it's that I don't buy the characters on any level, except the Jane Lynch one. She's amazing.